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Aleksandra Sapok and Lou Johnson on Guitaromanie Podcast

Please join Karl Wohlwend in his Guitaromanie broadcast as he interviews the superb Polish guitarist Aleksandra Sapok and Lou Johnson. We discuss music and life.

You will discover how Alexandra who graduated from the Frederick Chopin University of Music and now lives in Warsaw and excelled in competitions and performances.

I wrote Aleksandra this three movement composition.

The movements are Summer, Shadows from the North and Winter.

Alexandra quickly learned this piece in her flat in Warsaw and collaborated with Robbi Spencer of SE Studios and Lou Johnson to produce her video.

We invite you to our interview with Karl and to view the video at the end as Aleksandra plays the three movements of Solstice.

This piece is dedicated to Aleksandra.


Louis Valentine Johnson Official Website:

Aleksandra Sapok Official Website:

Karl Wohlwend Official Website:

Richard Altenbach Official Website:

Robbi Spencer / SE Studios Official Website:

Original Link to this Interview on Apple Podcasts:


Aleksandra Sapok Performing the entire Solstice Piece:

Aleksandra's Youtube Channel:

Aleksandra Sapok Performing Valentine Waltz:

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