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I presently have the pleasure of collaborating, arranging,
and performing solo, duo, and chamber music with a cadre of world-class composers, concert artists, musicians, scholars, videographers
, and studio recording artists. Visit them here!

Richard Altenbach  

Hollywood studio musician, LVJ collaborator and composer for film, TV, video games, and concert stage. Member of the Dos Almas String quartet that has recoded with LVJ.


Banff School of Fine Arts  

LVJ studied with guitarist Alirio Diaz here.

Composers Cooperative 

A talented group of film, movie and concert composers in Nevada County.

Craig Palmer

Known as “Dr. Awesome”, LVJ's late collaborator who was a pianist, arranger, composer, and performer.

Cullan Bryant

Piano  Manhattan based LVJ arranger, pianist, and Chamber musician.

Additional link here

David Leisner  

Classical Guitarist and Composer –

regarding Focal Dystonia.


David Eby 


Enrique Coria  

Argentine Guitarist, Recording Artist, LVJ collaborator, and guitarist for the David Grisman Quartet.

Evergreen State College 

Guitarist and president Dr. Thomas L. Purce,

LVJ touring and performing partner.

Flying Whale Recording 

Bruce Wheelock recording studios in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where LVJ has recorded often.

G.I. Jams Home of United States military

veterans/composers works.


Hospitality House

LVJ and son Alex played many benefits for this organization

Idaho State University

LVJ earned degrees here, became a faculty

member, then founded and taught classical guitar in the music department.

In Concert Sierra  

One of the finest concert presenting organizations anywhere.

Ithaca College 

Professor Mark A. Radice  Professor, author and composeer who composed Tocatta Evocation and Fandango for LVJ.

Jerianne Van Dijk 

Artist, painter, illustrator, producer of CD cover art.

Jose Luis Merlin

LVJ's collaborator and folkloric/classical guitar composer.

Jose Oribe

Guitar Maker – LVJ plays a Jose Oribe Gran Suprema classical guitar.

Kim Rogers 

KIM ART Graphics, Graphic design for sheet music and CD packages On Facebook



The best Nevada County and Sacramento, California community radio station. 
National Center for Military PTSD

The center of excellence for research and education on the prevention, understanding, and treatment of PTSD.

Philip Rothman

NYC Music Services – LVJ collaborator, arranger, and Sibelius Notation expert.

Sacramento Guitar Society

A growing and vital resource and concert presenting organization for Northern California.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Many wonderful studies, friends, and master classes here.

San Francisco State University

One of the best parts of LVJ’s master’s degree education.

Susan Lamb Cook 

Cellist who has recorded with LVJ. member of the Dos Almas String quartet that has recoded with LVJ.

Zen Ritual Creative Services

Creative consultants and producer of a number of LVJs videos including the Twelve Moments series, Reflections  911, Two Haikus, Monkey Mind and Goodbye to Mexico

Lynne Richburg

Violist a member of the Dos Almas String quartet that has recorded with LVJ on the "PEACE" album/cd project.

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