LVJ'S list of artists & collaborators

Richard Altenbach – Hollywood studio musician, LVJ collaborator and composer for film, TV, video games, and concert stage.

Composers Cooperative – A talented group of film, movie and concert composers in Nevada County.

Cullan Bryant Piano  – Manhattan based LVJ arranger, pianist, and Chamber musician.

David Leisner – Classical Guitarist and Composer – regarding Focal Dystonia.

Susan Lamb Cook - cellist who has recorded with LVJ.


David Eby cellist

Evergreen State College – Guitarist and president Dr. Thomas L. Purce – LVJ touring and performing partner.

Flying Whale Recording – Bruce Wheelock recording studios in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where LVJ has recorded often.

G.I. Jams – Home of United States military veterans/composers works.

Hospitality House – LVJ and son Alex played many benefits for this organization

Idaho State University – LVJ earned degrees here became a faculty member and founded and taught classical guitar in the music department.

InConcert Sierra – One of the finest concert presenting organizations anywhere.

Ithaca College – Professor Mark A. Radice, professor, author and composeer who composed Tocatta Evocation and Fandango for LVJ.

Jerrianne Van Dyke – Artist, Painter and a producer of CD cover art.

Jose Luis Merlin – An LVJ collaborator and folkloric/classical guitar composer.

Jose Oribe – Guitar Maker – LVJ plays a Jose Oribe Gran Suprema classical guitar.

KVMR FM – The best Nevada County and Sacramento, California community radio station.    


Enrique Coria -  Argentine Guitarist, Recording Artist, LVJ collaborator, and guitarist for the David Grisman Quartet.

National Center for Military PTSD – The center of excellence for research and education on the prevention, understanding, and treatment of PTSD.    

Banff School of Fine Arts -
LVJ studied with guitarist Alirio Diaz here.  

Craig Palmer – known as “Dr. Awesome” is a LVJ collaborator who is a pianist, arranger/composer/performer.
Sacramento Guitar Society – A growing and vital resource and concert presenting organization for Northern California.
San Francisco Conservatory of Music – Many wonderful studies, friends, and master classes here.
San Francisco State University – One of the best parts of LVJ’s master’s degree education.
Philip Rothman – NYC Music Services – LVJ collaborator, arranger, and Sibelius Notation expert.

Zen Ritual Creative Services
Creative Consultants and producer of a number of LVJs videos including the Twelve Moments series, Reflections  911, Two Haikus, Monkey Mind and Goodbye to Mexico

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