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 As Allen was the inaugural winner of the scholarship, Louis made a special trip to Las Vegas to present Allen with his award during the weekly guitar program repertory class. Below is a video of Lou discussing one of the compositions Allen played to win the scholarship. His "composers Insight" is invaluable.

At the time he won the inaugural 2015 scholarship, Allen was a junior in the classical guitar performance program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has since graduated from the program and earned his Bachelors of Music in classical guitar performance.

Allen says the classical guitar found him later in life. It wasn't until undertaking graduate level studies in English that he realized he wanted to pursue serious studies in the guitar, even if it meant starting over at the undergraduate level.  

As a multi-faceted young entrepreneur, Allen connected with Lou's compositions and his innovative approach to the guitar. He was inspired by Lou's moving story and deep connection to music as an expressive art of the soul.

"Winning the scholarship has been a great encouragement.  I am grateful to Lou for the opportunity to play his compositions and contribute to the furtherment of his music. Meeting and working with him was a tremendous honor and pleasure.  He is a wonderful ambassador for bringing awareness to the craft of classical guitar and has become a treasured friend." — Allen Muresan

Lou and Allen remain friends and have collaborated on a number of video projects for Lou's music which Allen and his creative partner produced.  Those videos can be seen on the videos page of this site and also at Zen Ritual Creative Services, the photography and video consulting company Allen founded with his partner.

Since graduation, Allen has been focusing on arranging classical music for modern, amplified instruments and has formed The Allen Michael Project.  For more information about Allen and his current projects see Allen Michael Music.

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