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A Brief History of La Folia

ERIC TOMES, BROADCASTER and LOU JOHNSON, COMPOSER, GUITARIST are together sharing a wide ranging interview about the famous dance called "La Folia".

Eric describes how he became enamored with the excitement and richness of this musical form as he learned to dance to it.

Our discussion is replete with platinum music examples as we follow the historical early Portuguese origins of La Folia development from several recordings on Eric’s broadcast.

Listen to an overview of this musical form and the manner in which it has journeyed through through the centuries.

We have compiled a vast yet compact picture of the early La Folia form and followed it into late Baroque and even modern prominent manifestations.

Our hope is to present a painting of La Folia and its arrival as a famous and much loved musical art form.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work on this project with Eric. I very much appreciate KVMR RADIO FM 89.5 for showcasing my recordings of Folias, and its relatives, the Sarabandes, Passacaglias, and Chaconnes from my album recording, “The Book of Baroque” according to the guitar of LVJ, which is available on all major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and many others. I thank Eric for his talent, passion and broadcasting skills.

Eric Tomes

Classics Declassified

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